Language/library updates

PHP updates

PHP 5.3.3 and PHP 5.2.14 were released. Both have bug fixes, security improvements, and new features.

IronPython 2.7 Alpha 1

The IronPython team has released the first public release (alpha 1) of IronPython 2.7. This is hardly near completion, but what caught my eye was Visual Studio integration; this is critical for IronPython to gain mindshare.

IronPython, IronRuby, and DLR moving to Apache license

Microsoft is moving IronPython, IronRuby, and the DLR itself to the Apache license in response to customer feedback.

ASP.NET MVC 3 Preview 1

That’s right, folks, ASP.NET MVC 2 has been around for more than 10 seconds, so it’s time to get ready to see a new version! Seriously, some technologies, including ASP.NET MVC and Silverlight, are moving way too fast for the typical developer to keep up with, and it is a real turn-off to those who don’t have time to learn a new version every 4 – 6 months. The new version contains a ton of enhancements, particularly around view models, and allows more integrated validation, amongst other things.

Tools and products

Eclipse SDK 4.0

The Eclipse Foundation made the Eclipse SDK 4.0 available for use. If you write Eclipse plugins or IDEs based on Eclipse, you will want to check it out.

Appcelerator Titanium 1.4

Appcelerator released version 1.4 of its Titanium cross-platform mobile development tool. There are substantial new features, including iAds support and a lot of iOS 4 functionality.

Google Font Previewer

Google’s new Font Previewer lets you see what fonts in the Google Font API look best on your application.

Sauce Labs automates Flash and Flex testing

Sauce Labs now supports testing of Flash and Flex applications. This is great news for developers working in those environments.

SmartBear releases AutomatedQA TestComplete 8.0

The newly merged SmartBear Software released version 8.0 of its AutomatedQA TestComplete package. There are a number of new features, and it now supports Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4, Silverlight 4, and Firefox 3.6.

Microsoft KittyHawk: the spiritual heir to FoxPro?

ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley has details about a Microsoft project named KittyHawk. It is supposed to make it easy for non-developers to make data-driven .NET applications. The project is drawing comparisons to the much-missed FoxPro, and I hope that it is indeed a FoxPro-like tool.

TFS Scrum template

Many development teams I know have adopted Scrum (or a variant of it). Microsoft just released a TFS process template for Scrum to help those teams.

Licensing Android apps

Google introduced a system for Android application developers to protect their applications from being used by people who did not buy them, with a licensing system built into the Android Market. It’s an interesting idea, but I am not sure how consumers will react to it.

Mono goes mobile

From ZDNet blogger Dana Blankenhorn: “With Mono Tools for Visual Studio 2.0, Mono said it has created an easy way for .Net developers to build apps for the iPhone and (soon) Android platform.”

Editorial and commentary

Apple reaches new level of jerky behavior

It looks like Apple is now trying to patent application concepts. I am not completely against software patents in a general sense, but entire application concepts? Give me a break. I hope Steve Jobs’s swollen ego gives him a backache. Seriously.

SmartBear Software, AutomatedQA, and Pragmatic Software combine

SmartBear Software, AutomatedQA, and Pragmatic Software have merged under the SmartBear Software name. The new, combined company specializes in lightweight, easy-to-use performance and testing tools for developers.

Tips and tricks

New series on learning Azure

Brian Hitney and Jim O’Neil kicked off a new series describing the @home project. As you follow the series, you’ll get a hands-on look at what it is like to create an application on the Azure platform.

Code-First improved Entity Framework 4

Scott Guthrie wrote a long piece about using the new Code-First system for Entity Framework 4; the system allows you to get to work and generate the entity model from the code you’ve written. This goes a long way to making Entity Framewok 4 a lot less of a headache!

Visual Studio 2010 keyboard shortcut references

One of my huge blind spots with Visual Studio is that I don’t know many of the keyboard shortcuts. Lisa Feigenbaum at Microsoft posted very nice Visual Studio 2010 shortcut references in 8.5″ x 11″ and A4 sizes.

Working with accent color on Windows Phone 7

If you want to make your Windows Phone 7 apps look a bit nicer and work with the user’s theme, has an article about how to use the user’s selected accent color in your Windows Phone 7 applications.

Google’s open source swivel viewer

Google made an open source swivel viewer (for doing 360 views of things) available. This is definitely useful for eCommerce projects.


Eclipse Testing Day

If you are interested in learning more about QA with Eclipse, the Eclipse Testing Day is coming to Darmstadt on September 8, 2010.

Infragistics Webinars

Infragistics is offering a few training Webinars on a wide variety of topic in August and September.


Disclosure of Justin’s industry affiliations: Justin James has a contract with Spiceworks to write product buying guides; he has a contract with OpenAmplify, which is owned by Hapax, to write a series of blogs, tutorials, and articles; and he has a contract with OutSystems to write articles, sample code, etc.


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