Many times in IT, becoming a “project manager” is
as simple as having your boss hand you a project to manage. At those times, you
need a quick way to find answers to your questions. Even with experienced
project managers, some terms of the methodology get a little confusing. That’s
why we created this FAQ—where you’ll find the answers to some of the most
frequently asked questions about project management.

What is ROI?

How do I
calculate ROI for a project?

What is a cost-benefit

Is a business
case the same as a cost-benefit analysis?

What is a project

How important
are deliverables in a project?

What’s the
purpose of an impact analysis?

What exactly
is risk management?

What is scope

How does scope
creep happen?

What are completeness
and correctness criteria?

What does an
SLA do?

What is the
difference between a sponsor and a stakeholder?

What is a
project-level audit?

I’ve been
asked to figure out our project “dependencies.” Where do I start?

What are
project milestones?

What phases are associated with a project?

What is a quality
control process, and how does it differ from a quality assurance process?