Provide Web access from any Access form

You can let users access the Web from within Access forms by using Explorer's Web browser control. Mary Ann Richardson talks more about this handy add-on.

You can use the Web browser control that comes with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher to allow users to access the Internet while working on an Access form. For example, suppose workers at a company need to input the latest information about a conference; the Web browser control will let them search the Web for that information without leaving their form. Find out how this works by following these steps:

  1. Open the form in design view, and click where you want the control to appear.
  2. Go to Insert | ActiveX Control and click on Microsoft Web Browser Control in the list of ActiveX controls. This control is automatically named WebBrowser1.
  3. Click on the Form Properties box.
  4. Under the Event tab, click in the On Load box and select Event Procedure.
  5. Click on the Expression Builder box.
  6. At the prompt enter the following code:
  7. Close the VB windows.

Now when you connect to the Internet and open the form, the control will display the home page of the company. From here you can search the Web, e-mail, etc. If you are not connected, the control will display an "Action cancelled" message.

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