VMware, Inc. announced the public beta of a new management and automation product called VMware Stage Manager. Building on the management capabilities of VMware Infrastructure, it streamlines and accelerates the process of bringing new or modified applications into production.

VMware Stage Manager automates the management of complete, multi-tier application environments — including the servers, storage and networking systems that support them. The administrator is able to rapidly create new multi-server software configurations, as well as monitor resource usage on a per-service, per-stage, and per-instance basis.

According to the VMware Stage Manager Beta page:

VMware Stage Manager reduces the risk of system changes by enabling users to snapshot production systems, and roll them forward or backward through the lifecycle as needed, enabling organizations to respond to changing business conditions more quickly.

You can access the VMware Stage Manager 1.0 Beta page here.

Since we are on the topic of virtual infrastructure, why not share with us how many virtual machine are there in the network that you manage?