RC R2-D2OK, you’re a geek, which means you’ve wanted your own R2 astomech droid since May of 1977 (unless you’re younger than 30, in which case your desires may be tainted by unfortunate Ewok and Gungan experiences). Well, now you can own a reasonable R2 -D2 facsimile for a mere $30, and it’s perfectly sized for inducing Sith-level jealousy in your fellow office inmates. ThinkGeek is shilling this Japanese-made mini RC R2, which you can gleefully tool around yours or others’ desktops from a snickering distance by virtue of (a vaguely lightsaber-shaped) remote control. Not only that, but the little bugger is programmable, so he’ll execute a preset (by you) series of moves with the mere flick of a switch. Strangely, R2’s main sensor eye can be made to glow red, Terminator style. Maybe he’s been corruptred by the dark side, or maybe this must-have tech trinket is made by an Asian subsidiary of Cyberdyne systems. Either way, I want one.