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Qualtrics launched on Tuesday a one-stop shop for tracking, combining and analyzing feedback to monitor customer and employee experience with brands and businesses. The company announced the news as part of its Work Different conference.

XM/OS allows customers to pull in data from multiple sources and then use artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the sentiment. The platform also includes templates and automated services to make it quicker to take action based on feedback.

“Companies that want to emerge as leaders in the future need to capture and truly understand the feelings and emotions of their customers and employees, and then act on that data to design the experiences they want next and continuously improve them over time,” Brad Anderson, president of products and services at Qualtrics, said in a press release.

The platform includes these capabilities to make it easier for businesses to track sentiment and act on it:

  • Create detailed customer profiles, detect trends/gaps and empower action
  • Track and understand what customers and employees think about a company or brand to make better business decisions
  • Conduct customer preference tests, access user insights on-demand and make decisions with built-in analytics

In a blog post about XM/OS, the company stated that companies need to understand what customers and employees want next and to personalize those experiences and to empower a culture of action within their organizations so they can dynamically respond and improve experiences in real time.

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According to the company, XM/OS can be used to gather and analyze feedback from employees as well to “attract and retain the best talent, increase employee engagement and improve productivity.”

XM/OS has three main services:

  • XM Directory: New features include experience journeys response and transaction-based segments and a set of pre-built questions to assess experience data across a company
  • iQ: New features include a sentiment analysis algorithm, topic libraries with 50 pre-configured iQ topic scenarios across 25 industries and iQ topics that uses machine learning to refine the topics
  • xFlow: This service has 24 pre-built workflow templates and a set of actions that are triggered by trending topics and sentiment

Qualtrics’ security certifications include ISO 27001 and FedRAMP and HITRUST.

Qualtrics also released these other new products at the start of April:

  • Relationship Health for ongoing monitoring of customers to deliver more personalized experiences, improve customer loyalty and reduce attrition
  • Account-Based Relationship Diagnostic to create a complete view of B2B customer relationships and to proactively identify at-risk and growth accounts to increase revenue and reduce churn
  • Digital Support Optimization to deliver frictionless customer care through any digital channel and to use feedback to uncover gaps in digital support experiences