It’s been almost three months since the world came to an abrupt stop and pushed people into remote work. During that time, workers have witnessed Zoom bombing and pant-less Zoom calls, midday workouts…and drinks while working from home, according to a recent study from the anonymous professional network Blind.

The survey of 2,041 respondents found that almost 33% of professionals drink alcohol while working from home. Additionally, 31% of tech workers said they drink while working from home, compared to almost 32% of finance workers.

One in four (10.4%) of executive/C-suite professionals said they drink alcohol while working from home, of whom 29% said they are having four-plus drinks per week, according to Blind. Thirty-four percent of executives said there has been no change in the number of drinks they consume each week, according to Blind.

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By company:

  • 25% of Adobe respondents are having an additional 4+ drinks per week

  • 20% of Capital One respondents are having an additional 1-2 drinks per week

  • 15% of Uber respondents are having an additional 2-3 drinks per week

  • 50% of Lyft respondents drink alcohol while working from home

  • 47% of JUUL respondents drink alcohol while working from home

  • 40% of Salesforce respondents drink alcohol while working from home

Almost 42% of professionals at Expedia reported a decrease in the number of drinks they consume per week, followed by 41% of Apple professionals.

“We wanted to tap into our user base of working professionals, given the pace and impact of the pandemic, despite not being mental health specialists,” Blind said in a statement. “Our goal in exploring this territory is to create a space where voices can share one small aspect of what the world is currently experiencing.”

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Professionals’ well-being

The networking site ran a study on emotional well-being in late March, “which inspired us to focus on alcohol consumption next,” Blind said.

Nearly 53% of the 10,107 professionals said they are experiencing increased loneliness during work from home and social distancing. That survey also revealed 52.3% of Apple professionals are feeling increasingly lonely; along with 50% of Intel professionals and 58% of Facebook professionals.

Nearly 57% of professionals also said they are experiencing increased feelings of anxiety during work from home and social distancing, including 44.7% of Apple professionals; 49% of Capital One professionals; 62.5% of Salesforce professionals; and 61% of LinkedIn professionals.

Some 53% of professionals also said their productivity levels have been impacted due to changes in their mental health while working from home, including almost 70% of Facebook professionals; 64% of Google professionals; and 57% of Amazon professionals.

“Because of these findings, the increased consumption of alcohol was not entirely surprising,” Blind said. “Some posts on the platform indicate a similar thought process.”

For example, a PayPal user posted: “I was curious if [the] lockdown has changed people’s lifestyle in terms of alcohol consumption. Personally, mine has increased as me and my partner have the habit of drinking wine and watching Netflix together. Just wanted to know about others,” Blind said.

Another post from a Google professional said: “I have been extremely anxious for the past few weeks and am constantly drinking while working to chill myself out. Has anyone had similar experiences? How does anyone else deal with wfh alone? FYI. I do workout every day after work but it is unfortunately not enough.”