The front end IIS Manager user interface (UI) has gotten a facelift. The UI allows you to perform the following:

  • Manage IIS and ASP.NET in one place.
  • View health and diagnostics in real-time.
  • Connect to a Web server, application, and/or site remotely via HTTPS.
  • Allow for delegation of power to non administrators of the domain.
  • Configure user and role authorization for sites and applications.
  • Manage failed request tracing.

Let’s take a look at the IIS manager at Start | All Program | Administrative Tools | Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager (Figure A).

Figure A. IIS Start Page

The  Start page consists of four panes. They are:

  • Recent Connections
  • Connection Tasks
  • Online Resources
  • IIS News

From the Start page, you have the ability to connect to another IIS server to manage that web site. In order to do this, click on Connect To A Server… and input your credentials (Figure B).

Figure B. Connect To A Server

In addition, you can connect to a site or an application (Figure C). This is beneficial when you do not want to give a user full rights to IIS but just to the site they develop on (Figure D).

Figure C. Connecting to a site
Figure D. Connecting to an application

On the Connections pane, you can select the Default Web Site and administer the site in the workspace as shown in Figure E.

Figure E. Workspace

At the bottom of the page you can switch between the Features view and Content view. (Figure F). In the Content view, you can see any applications, virtual directories, and physical directories associated with this particular site (a handy feature).

Figure F

In IIS 7, you only have to add the modules (Figure G) you need. It is very similar to Apache in that you only load what you want. In this example, I loaded everything since it is my IIS staging environment. This is a great feature of IIS in that you can have a lean mean IIS machine. If you load IIS on server core of Windows Server 2008, it becomes even leaner.

Figure G

What do you think of the new interface?