Quick Tip: Accentuate headlines in Web design

Tip on making a headline for the Web

If your users are looking for a great way to draw attention to a headline, offer them these two design tips.

The Problem
Headlines that don't grab the reader's attention could use a little shading and formatting.

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The Fix
  • First, create a table with a single cell.
  • Right-click the cell and choose Borders And Shading.
  • In the Preview area of the Borders tab, deselect the left, top, and right sides of the cell's border.
  • For the Width option, choose a heavy line style such as 4 or 6.
  • Click the bottom side in the Preview area to apply this new line style, and click OK.

Whatever you type in this cell will be sure to garner a reader's attention.

For a more sophisticated look
  • Create another single-cell table, enter your heading, and center the text.
  • Select that text and go to Format | Font.
  • From the Font Color drop-down list, choose white and click OK.
  • Next, right-click the table cell and choose Borders And Shading.
  • Select the Shading tab, and choose black from the Fill section.

This formatting creates a dramatic, eye-catching effect.

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