Microsoft Office 2013 has some new features that you may want to take advantage of once you learn about them. One of those new features is the ability to add useful apps directly into Word, Excel, etc. When I say “apps,” in general I mean research resources for confirming facts or defining terms. You know, the things writers are supposed to use that go beyond a Google search.

Dictionary example

Adding an app to Office 2013 is relatively straightforward. Navigate to the Insert tab of the Office Ribbon and look for the tile called “Apps for Office” as shown in Figure A.

Figure A

Apps for Office

Click on that tile and click the See All item in the dropdown list. You should see a screen similar to the one shown in Figure B. From here, you will have to visit the Office Store in order to find an app to install.

Figure B

On to the store

Once at the store you will see a number of available apps (Figure C), many of them are free. For this example, I will choose the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app. Click the app, and then click the Install button. You’ll be asked to confirm the installation.

Figure C

At the Office Store

The next time you go to the Apps for Office tab, click the See All item again to reach a screen similar to Figure D. Click your app and then click the Insert button.

Figure D

Insert your app

As you see in Figure E, I now have a Merriam-Webster Dictionary search box available from the Word 2013 document I am working on.

Figure E

Anyone need a definition?

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