There is one consistent thing you can say about Google Apps – it is always changing. Google rolls out new features for Google Apps just about every week it seems and if you are not paying attention you are likely to miss them.

One recent new feature makes establishing consistent styles and fonts in a document as simple as highlighting the right text. Using the paint format tool a user can copy the formatting applied to one bit of text to another bit of text somewhere else in the document.

Paint it

To paint one text format to another part of your document follow this example (Figure A).

Figure A

We are going to change the normal text to the red text using the paint format tool.

Select the text you want to highlight (Figure B) and then click the paint format icon.

Figure B

The format of the selected text will be transferred to the normal text.

Highlight the text you want to change and when you release the mouse button your text will change to the captured style, font, and font size. (Figure C)

Figure C

The style is applied with the release of the mouse button.

Have you come across any other new features in Google Apps that you have found useful?

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