I have been using Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview since it was released, and I find I am not nearly as annoyed with it as many readers of this blog seem to be. However, I was frustrated by the lack of an easy way to get to what I consider basic system commands and functions. Doing every little thing, like changing the Power Options, through a search or by calling up the Control Panel just didn’t make sense. I thought for sure there must be a better way.

A better way

What do you know, there is a better way. In fact it is the best way. It is so simple, so elegant, that I can’t understand why Microsoft does not make it obvious to users somehow.

This is a tip for those of us using the Desktop mode in Windows 8. After you are in Desktop mode, move your mouse down to the bottom-left corner (Figure A). With a left-click in this corner you typically return to a previously running app or to the Metro Interface.

Figure A

Left-click here instead of right-clicking.

However, if you right-click instead you will get a menu of common system commands and configuration features. Making changes to the Power Options is so much easier this way (Figure B).

Figure B

That was easy.

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