Microsoft Windows 7 provides users with a simple tool for managing which icons display in the Notification area located in the lower right corner of the typical Windows Desktop. The behavior of icons in an area is generally determined by whether they are trying to alert a user that some application or system process requires attention. However, a user can exert some control over this area through Taskbar properties.

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Customize icon behavior

The default icon behaviors in the Notification area are usually adequate (Figure A), but you may want to make some changes based on your preferences.

Figure A

These are the default icons.

To make changes, right-click on the Taskbar and click on Properties in the context menu (Figure B).

Figure B

Right-click and click Properties.

The next screen (Figure C) contains a Customize button on the Taskbar tab.

Figure C

Click the Customize button.

Click the Customize button to get to the next screen where you can customize which icons will appear in the Notification area and what behavior those icons will use while they are displayed there (Figure D).

Figure D

You can customize icon notifications.

You have three choices for each icon in the list:

  • Hide icon and notifications: Never displays the icon and notifications
  • Only show notifications: Displays only notifications
  • Show icon and notifications: Always displays the icon and notifications

I made a few changes on my test machine as an example (Figure E). Your changes, of course, will depend on your preferences and needs.

Figure E

Here is an example of some changes you can make.

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There is also a link on the configuration screen that will take you to another screen (Figure F) where you can turn off and on system icons in the Notification area.

Figure F

Turn off and on system icons here.

There is also a link on the configuration screen that will reset the icons in the Notification area to their default values.