If you log into your Microsoft Skydrive, you will see the default Modern style workspace view. (Figure A)

Figure A

In the Sort by: Name column, I prefer to select the “details” view, as shown in Figure B.

Figure B

Without access to a folder, files should be inaccessible to shared recipients, so a quick way to remove permissions to all files in a single shared folder is to remove the recipient at the Shared Folder level. To do this, right-click the folder you wish to remove permissions from and select Sharing from the menu that appears. (Figure C)

Figure C

The “Share” dialog window will appear. Left click the name of the person you want to remove share permissions from. (Figure D)

Figure D

Click the “Remove Permissions” button. Confirm that the account has been removed from the list of users with access to the document. (Figure E)

Figure E

Click “Done”. (Figure F)

Figure F

Confirm that the files contained in the folder also have permissions to the selected account revoked.

File permissions

If you would instead like to remove the access to a particular file contained within a shared folder, while continuing to allow the share recipient to access other files in that share, use the following instructions.

  • Open Skydrive and navigate to the folder that contains the document.
  • Open the folder.
  • Right click on the document.
  • Select “Sharing”.

In the sharing window, those who have access directly to the file, and not through the root share, will be listed under “Permissions”. You can remove their permissions directly from this screen. If a user appears in the area titled, “From <Folder Name>” (where <Folder Name> is the name of the folder that contains the file,) you can only remove the user access at the folder level.

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