One of the distinguishing features of Microsoft Windows 8 is the ability to synchronize your user settings across all your devices. Check that – across all of your trusted devices. Before the “sync your settings” feature will work, however, you will have to affirm that your trust your PC.

Note: This assumes you are logging into your Windows 8 PC using a Windows Live account.

Here is my desktop before trust is established. (Figure A)

Figure A

Before trust

Trust but verify

When you first log into Windows 8 using a Windows Live account you establish a connection with the cloud, but before any data can transfer between your local machine and that cloud, you will have to indicate that your PC is ready. Microsoft calls this establishing trust.

The setting is located in the Windows 8 Action Center. The easiest way to get there is to type the word “action” while at the Start Screen and click the Settings category in the resulting search. (Figure B)

Figure B

Action Center

When you reach the Action Center (Figure C), you will be given the opportunity add you PC to your list of trusted devices.

Figure C


After you click the Trust this PC button you will be taken to the Windows Live website where you will be asked to enter a code (Figure D). This code can come to you in several ways, depending on how your Windows Live account is configured. I had the code texted to my smartphone.

Figure D

Enter the code

Once the code is entered, your Windows 8 PC will be added to the list of trusted devices (Figure E) and you will be able to synchronize those devices for a unified experience. There are advantages to automatic synchronization and there are disadvantages, so you’ll have to decide if this is what you want to do. However, it is nice to have options. (Figure F)

Figure E

Trusted devices

Figure F

This Skyrim screenshot propagated across my trusted PCs

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