Some of the most popular searches at TechRepublic continue to be those looking for our checklists and quick-tip downloads. I’ve gathered some of the most popular resources in the download directory focused on common administrative and support tasks.

If you have suggestions for new or updated checklists for specific tasks, put them in the comments area of this post.

10-point cleaning checklist for keeping equipment healthy

Boring as it may be, but cleaning is an essential part of any regular system maintenance schedule. You can stretch equipment life, reduce repairs and service calls, and keep users happier by periodically running through the steps on this list.

Documentation checklist: What the new IT guy needs to find out

When TechRepublic member jdclyde landed a job as the first in-house tech for a company that has always outsourced its IT needs, he had no documentation or institutional knowledge to fall back on. Here’s the list that’s helping him pull everything together.

Office relocation checklist

Whether you’re helping a client tackle a move or relocating to a new building, you’ll need to implement a system to help you get organized and avoid potential disasters. This checklist, based on suggestions submitted by TechRepublic members, covers questions, issues, and advice related to office relocations.

Windows laptop specifications checklist

IT consultant Erik Eckel has put together this checklist to help you select the laptop components that will meet staff needs throughout the system’s lifecycle. Once you’ve selected the best option for each component (there are 12 in this list, ranging from display and OS to integrated mobile broadband, battery, and optical drive), you can generate a spec sheet for quick reference at purchase time.

The TechRepublic Spyware Removal Checklist

Everyone from small businesses to enterprise organizations must battle the associated spyware risks that include key trackers, Web page redirectors, persistent pop-up advertisements, inoperable network connections, unwanted tracking applications, and other nefarious programs that slow and even render systems and programs nonoperational. While not every infected system can be saved, following the steps in this TechRepublic checklist can go a long way toward eliminating common infections and repairing the collateral damage.

10 common network security design flaws

Solid planning and design can help reduce the potential for security breaches. Here are some security design missteps to watch out for.

10 cool things you can do with a USB flash drive

Greg Shultz introduces a variety of creative ways to put that drive to good use.

10 things you should do to ensure basic Web site security

Using a security procedures checklist is your first step toward securing a resource — a means of aiding your memory before you apply your critical thinking skills and imagination to the task of improving security for each item. Chad Perrin shares his list of far-too-common security failures on Web sites and Web servers.