When you map a network resource to a local drive, the resource appears in My Computer, and you can access it just like any local drive. If you have several network shares mapped, you might
be looking for an easier way to keep track of and access those resources. The
Net Connections (Netcons.exe) tool, included in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit,
is a great tool for doing just that. You can launch Netcons.exe from the
Desktop Tools group in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools help file and in the
\Program Files\Resource Kit folder.

The Net Connections window lists
the local drive letters that are mapped to network resources. You can easily
open a network resource by double-clicking its icon in the Net Connections window.
Net Connections can open the resource in either a console window or an Explorer

To specify the startup mode,
click Startup and choose either Explorer or Console Window, depending on which
you prefer. If you choose the Explorer startup option, double-clicking a drive
in Net Connections more than once will not open multiple instances of the
resource. Instead, Net Connections simply brings the folder to the front. If
you choose the Console Window startup option, however, double-clicking a resource
more than once opens a new console window rooted at the specified share.

By default, the Net Connections
window stays on top of other windows. To change this behavior, choose View | Always On Top.

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