Quickly change controls in an Access form

Are you tired of creating a control on a Microsoft Access form, only to delete it because it's not the control you really need? The good news is that you don't have to delete the unwanted control—you can simply convert it to the control that you want. Learn how easy it is to get Access to dynamically change controls.

Have you ever created a toggle button on a Microsoft Access report, and then immediately wished that you had created a check box control instead? The good news is there's no need to delete the toggle button and start over.

Simply right-click the toggle button, select Change To and select Check Box from the list. Access not only dynamically changes the control, but it also copies any applicable properties that you've already set to the new control. This means that you only need to set the properties that pertain to the new control.

While Access cannot dynamically change all controls, you can use this method to make the following changes:

  • Convert labels into text boxes.
  • Convert text boxes into labels, list boxes, or combo boxes.
  • Convert list boxes into text boxes or combo boxes.
  • Convert combo boxes into text boxes or list boxes.
  • Convert toggle buttons into option buttons.
  • Convert option buttons into check boxes or toggle buttons.
  • Convert check boxes into toggle or option buttons.

This time-saving trick will save you a ton of rework. Once you right-click the control you created and change it to the new control, all that's left to do is set the new control's properties.

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