Do you need to total the number of nonblank cells in a row
or column that contains only text entries? You can do this easily with Excel’s CountA function.

Suppose you need to keep
track of attendance at a five-day seminar. In column A, you list all registered attendees; in cells B1 through F1, you list the dates of the seminar. Next to each name in column A, you place
the letter “A” in column b to indicate who attended the conference the first

For example, say there were 50 attendees, and you entered
the attendance data in cells B2:B51. To obtain a total of all attendees for the
first day, in cell B52 enter the following formula: =COUNTA(B2:B51).

To obtain the total attendance for each remaining day of the
seminar, simply copy the formula across the range C52:F52.

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