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Have you ever needed to edit the Boot.ini file in order to
make changes to the way your system starts up? If so, you know the drill. Show
Hidden files, locate the Boot.ini file, disable the Read-only attribute, load
the file into Notepad, make your alterations, and then re-enable the Read-only

However, there’s an easier way in Windows XP. The System
Configuration Utility includes a Boot.ini tab that offers a GUI way to add and
remove entries to your boot.ini. Here’s how to utilize the Boot.ini tab:

  1. Access
    the Run command and type Msconfig.exe
    in the text box and click OK.
  2. Select
    the Boot.ini tab.

Now you can now make any of the most common alterations to
the Boot.ini file simply by clicking buttons and selecting check boxes or radio
buttons. When you’re done, just click Apply or OK. When you click OK, the
System Configuration Utility displays a dialog box and prompts you to restart
the computer in order for the changes to take effect.