Sometimes, you just can’t fit everything you want one slide. If that text is in a placeholder, you don’t need to cut and paste part of the text into a new slide. In Outline mode, PowerPoint can push text along with just a few clicks.

First, display the Outlining toolbar by choosing Toolbars from the View menu and choosing Outlining. Next, click the Outline tab to display the presentation text in the Outline pane. Position the cursor at the end of the last line you want to keep on the current slide (Figure A).

Figure A

Then, press Enter and click Promote (the arrow at the top of the Outlining toolbar that’s pointing left). Doing so will insert a new slide for all the text you just split from the previous one (Figure B). Just enter a new title for the new slide and continue to adjust the text as necessary.

Figure B

This method also works in PowerPoint 2007, but you don’t need the Outlining toolbar. Just press Enter at the appropriate spot to insert a new slide.