Even with a great set of rules to route incoming messages, manually moving an e-mail message from one folder to another is a frequent task. Now, moving a message from one folder to another is easy enough, but dragging a message into a collapsed folder is a bit more difficult.
If you remember ahead of time, you can expand each folder until the subfolder is visible, but who remembers to do that ahead of time? I don’t. No, what usually happens is I remember in mid-drag. That means I have to drag the message back to where it was, expand the appropriate subfolder, and then drag and drop again. It’s a pain in the folder!
Fortunately, there’s an easier way. Simply drag and drop as you normally would. If you want to drop the message into a subfolder that’s not visible, hover over the subfolder’s parent folder. This is where you would otherwise say, “Fudge! I forgot to expand the subfolders…” and start over. Instead, just hover and be patient. Outlook senses the drag-and-drop task and expands the parent folder automatically when you fail to drop the dragged item into the parent folder. Just keep hovering and waiting until you reach the destination subfolder.