Most of the time, users only have one hard drive on their systems, along with several mapped network drives. Occasionally, however, you’ve got a user who has multiple hard drives in his or her system or one hard drive that has several partitions. Windows Explorer will display the free space for the drive, but how do you quickly find information about the drives without right-clicking each drive and choosing Properties over and over? Just follow a few easy steps.

Opening multiple drives at once

  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Click the C: drive.
  3. Press and hold [Ctrl], then click the other drives you want to check.
  4. Release [Ctrl].
  5. Right-click the highlighted drives and select Properties.

When you do, you’ll see the Properties screen shown in Figure A. As you can see, each drive will appear in its own tab.

Figure A
You can view multiple drives at once.

All for one, one for all

This trick works with Windows 9x, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows XP. The choices you’ll actually see when you select Properties will vary depending on whether you’re checking a local drive or a network drive.

As you can see in the figure, the Properties tab looks the same in the multitabbed version as the General tab does when you select Properties on a single drive. You can see graphically the amount of space left on a disk and the file system. You can also run Disk Cleanup and, on NTFS drives, run disk compression and index the drive.