One highlight of working on the Geekend blog this year for me was the return of our dear friend, former colleague, and aspiring sci-fi writer Jay Garmon to our list of contributors. Based on the fact that three of the top five Geekend posts of the year were written by Jay, I think it’s fair to assume readers are happy The Trivia Geek is back.

Thanks to our wonderful Geekend contributors and loyal readers for another great year of off-topic discussions. Here are the 10 most-viewed Geekend posts published in 2011.

1: The 25 most quotable geek films…ever!

The 25 films that are not only near and dear to the average geek’s heart, but have produced at least one indispensable quote that can and should be used at every opportunity.

2: The humorous side of IT

Some geek humor is only appreciated by IT pros. Alan Norton discusses clueless user stories, silly names, and more, as well as when humor and IT don’t mix.

3: NASA’s last Shuttle mission: What does this mean for the future of manned flight?

Read what NASAs Charles Bolden says about outsourcing low-orbit to the private sector.

4: The five worst Star Trek episodes of all time

More than a few of Kirk and Spock’s original voyages were (ahem) less than stellar. We round out the bottom five for your reading…pleasure?

5: Geek Trivia: Why does the last space shuttle mission have the smallest flight crew in 28 years?

Not since the maiden flight of Challenger in 1983 has a space shuttle operated with just a four-man crew complement – but that’s exactly how many astronauts will be aboard the final space shuttle mission. Find out why in the triumphant return of Geek Trivia.

6: 56 geek movies of 2011

Geekend contributor Edmond Woychowsky described what movies coming out in 2011 he planned to see opening night.

7: ASUS Eee Pad Transformer tablet is a mixed bag

Despite its issues, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is the strongest Android Honeycomb tablet on the market, according to reviewer Donovan Colbert.

8: Make a geek happy with our annual gift guide

TechRepublic applies its unique technology perspective to review of some of the best geek gifts available and makes them available in a free download.

9: Photographer captures entire night sky in massive image

Astrophotographer Nick Risinger traveled 60,000 miles and took 37,440 exposures to create a 5,000 megapixel photo of the entire night sky. Learn more about his Photopic Sky Survey.

10: BlizzCon 2011 photos and news about World of Warcraft, Diablo III, StarCraft II

Wally Bahny covers the major announcements at BlizzCon 2011 about the next WoW expansion pack, Diablo III, and StarCraft II. We also feature photos of costumed attendees.

Honorable mentions from years past for your reading enjoyment: