In 2017, threats such as phishing, ransomware, and massive data breaches plagued consumers and businesses. TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson spoke with DomainTools’ senior security researcher Kyle Wilhoit to discuss what cybersecurity threats will be popular in 2018.

According to Wilhoit, the use of ransomware will continue to grow. Hackers know that most people don’t back up their data so they will encrypt the data until the victim pays up. “That’s the first piece we’re going to massively see in 2018– the leveraging of ransomware to go out and exhort individuals,” Wilhoit said.

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Secondly, denial-of-service attacks will drastically grow. “Ultimately in 2018, we have the likelihood of seeing a massive outage due to possibly an IoT botnet,” he said. These will massively compromise large spots of the internet that can ultimately affect businesses and individuals. Criminals are starting to realize the monetization potential of this kind of attack is very good, he added.

Unfortunately in IoT environments, security is often an afterthought. If an actor figures out that those devices have a vulnerability, they can quickly exploit it. “That’s only going to increase until some of these IoT organizations realize that security should be a number one foundational concern,” he said.

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