Ransomware is something no one wants to deal with. When struck by an attack , your data is locked down and the only way to recover that data might be paying the piper for the cryptographic key. Because of this rise in ransomware, companies such as Microsoft are releasing very crucial updates to their software…which you should definitely install.

But there’s something else you need to be doing as well on a daily basis that will go a very long way to help you get around ransomware.

What is this magic task I speak of? Backing. Up. Your. Data. Properly. When you backup your data, make sure it’s being saved to a drive that doesn’t also house your operating system; that could mean an external drive or a secondary internal drive. And to be even safer, back it up to a cloud too.

Should your machine be taken down by the likes of WannaCrypt, you can reinstall your operating system and recover your data from a backup. You and your data do not have to be held hostage. Keep your data backed up daily and you can deny that ransomware its bounty.

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