Since the Raspberry Pi went on sale in February businesses have been unable to bulk buy the Raspberry Pi.

However yesterday distributors of the $40 credit card-sized Linux board lifted restrictions that limited orders to one board per customer.

The computer could serve enterprise in various ways, according to TechRepublic readers, ranging from low-cost development boards to thin client devices.

Demand for the Raspberry Pi continues to be high but with 4,000 of the boards being manufactured each day the restriction have now been lifted.

Writing on the Raspberry Pi Foundation website the foundation’s spokeswoman Liz Upton said: “This is of special importance to those of you who are using the Raspberry Pi in your businesses, and to people looking to buy classroom sets for schools and universities.”

Boards will be available to bulk purchase from both distributors of the boards RS Components and element14/Premier Farnell.

Premier Farnell has already taken bulk orders, those for more than 10 boards, from universities, schools and businesses, with demand from the UK, US, Germany, Mexico and Singapore.

Orders placed now with RS are expected to reach customers by the end of September while Premier Farnell are reporting a delivery time of four to six weeks.

Both companies say that the bulk orders will not impact on delivery times for existing orders. Discounts are not planned for bulk orders.