With so much wonderful information flooding the gates of TechRepublic, a person could get lost. So we have gone to newer and greater lengths to help you navigate more efficiently. How? With the addition of our destination tabs.

See, up there in the right corner? Yeah. Those. You are looking at the new destination tabs. From every Republic, you will always have the option of maneuvering from TechRepublic.com to our other TechRepublic sites: TechProGuild and ERPSuperSite.

Here is what you can look forward to when you click the TechProGuild Supertab:

  • In-depth, technical Daily Drill Downs
  • A continually updated selection of IT titles in the Guild Library
  • Twice-weekly online Guild Meetings featuring the top IT minds
  • Timely e-mail alerts to new information that’s relevant to you
  • Technical tips and tricks to make your job easier
  • A FREE monthly newsletter customized to your needs that highlights Guild content most relevant to you

But wait, there’s more. The ERPSuperSite is the place to go for enterprise resource planning information. That’s why we’re making it so easy to get you straight to:

  • The only ERP Stock Index
  • Forums covering ERP topics
  • All five of the ERP communities (Baan, JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP)
  • Links to all the analysts covering ERP

(And you thought Christmas was last month.)

TechRepublic is continually growing, always with your needs in mind. As it evolves, so will our destination tabs, so be on the lookout for new additions.