Is business good these days? If it is, you’re probably spending a lot of your time meeting the needs of clients and less time thinking about the day-to-day operations side of the shop.

For instance, just driving to a client’s office might be a legitimate expense if you’re self-employed. Read Meredith Little’s article, “Deducting your automobile and other travel expenses,” to find out when you can deduct these kinds of expenses and the best way to do so. Little covers mileage as well as business-related travel expenses such as airfare, lodging, and rental cars.

If you’re wondering how to classify the work you do, check out “The difference between contracting and consulting and why it matters.” You might find that your skills are worth much more when you call yourself a consultant. As Little explains, “If you consistently wow your clients by developing and delivering innovative solutions to their tough problems, you should be compensated for your expertise, experience, and creativity while you’re also working hard and using an ethical approach to running your business.”
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