Real ID ActSenator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), the Department of Homeland Security, and a growing list of states openly oppose the Real ID Act because of privacy and security concerns. Groups that support the Real ID Act include national security aficionados, businesses that sell compliance technology to motor vehicle departments, and anti-immigration advocates. For an in-depth look at the details surrounding the Real ID Act controversy, read this article by CNET Networks’ “Congress rethinks the Real ID Act.”  

Here’s a snippet from the article:

What’s new:
Because Real ID is already on the books and final regulations are nearly complete, opponents of the federal law face an uphill battle.

Bottom line:
Beyond both conservative and liberal groups, a potent source of opposition has been state legislatures and DMV offices, which are worried about the cost of doing background checks on their citizens and outfitting everyone with Real ID cards.

For more information about the Real ID Act, take a look at these other news sources:

According to Leahy, Real ID will “effectively create a national ID card.” On the flip side of the coin, 9/11 Security Solutions president Janice Kephart says, “Real ID does not create a national ID card.” Are you for or against Real ID and the possibility of a national ID card? Join the discussion.


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