The old axiom for winning at golf is “drive for show, putt for dough.” Well, now you can earn a little extra short-game coin with this can’t-possibly-be-legal golf putter that’s enhanced with multiple argon targetting lasers.

No, you’re not having a Caddyshack flashback, this a real product.

Technically, this device is sold as a training aid (for the bargain price of $69 plus shipping), both because no referee is going to allow a sniper-putter into a tournament, and because no club head with a nine-volt battery stuffed inside is going to give you decent play on the ball.

Anyway, this little beauty is supposed to teach you how to aim your putter and straighten your follow-through. Playing the lie? Well that’s a pun I’ll let you sort out.

(Found via Forever Geek.)