It amazes me sometimes how things work. This week, I needed to upgrade a Dell PowerEdge M600 blade server’s RAM. The existing unit has 8GB of RAM, but I needed 32GB to add it to our pool of VMware ESX servers and expect it to handle the load we need it to handle. Buying the RAM right from Dell through normal channels would have been a bit on the expensive side, so I looked at for pricing. Its products tend to be very good, and I’ve bought a lot from the site in the past. Long story short, eight 4GB DIMMs would run just under $1,000… not too bad for 32GB of good quality RAM.

However, the same day, I received a 20% off coupon from Dell’s outlet site, the store from which Dell sells its refurbished and returned equipment at hefty discounts. Just for kicks, I looked at the outlet site to see if Dell had any M600 blade servers with 32GB of RAM in stock. They did. A dual processor (quad cores each), dual drive (with RAID) system with 32GB of RAM was just over $1,000. Apply that 20% coupon, and that server dropped to just over $800 with free shipping.

I bought it. We’ll cannibalize the RAM for our existing M600 and keep this new server in stock just in case we need it. Didn’t servers actually used to cost a lot? This week, it was cheaper to buy a entire server than it was the RAM I needed for an existing one!