In my last entry,

I mentioned how I was being frustrated with SuSe Linux’s inability to

detect a changed video card and elegantly install the drivers for a new

one, forcing me to fight with xf86config instead.  JMGARVIN

commented that RedHat and a few other Linux distributions could

autodetect new hardware using a tool called Kudzu.

So, I went back and looked again. SuSe Professional doesn’t support

Kudzu, but it does include YaST, which does the same thing.  When

I ran YaST on the workstation before I tried xf86config, it didn’t

work. YaST refused to detect the new card, so I didn’t think it was the

proper tool.

Trying the same routine on another workstation, YaST detected the video

card change with no problem. I didn’t have to fight with xf86config at

all.  It reconfigured KDE properly and everything worked


So, it just goes to show there IS more than one way to skin a cat… or in this case, reskin a penguin.