Those who know me known my reputation of rarely getting seriously ill.

It’s the one trade-off I’ve earned from massively overactive

allergies–my immune system is always at Threat Level: Red, so incoming

infestors stand little chance of avoiding my fanatic hunter-killer


That said, last week, a nasty bit of stomach flu forged some entry

papers, set up shop in my digestive track, and instigated a nasty

rebellion against the forces of peaceful food consumption. After a

brutal 36-hour combat that saw great suffering and hardship on both

sides, the forces of freedom and health were once again victorious, and

I was able to safely eat and sleep again. Today, I return to the

blogosphere scarred, but stronger and wiser than before. I know that I

and the veteran T-Cells that fought with me during those harrowing

hours will never forget what we saw (or tasted), and that we vow to be

even more vigilant in the future.

Trivia Geek, back on the air!