The Visual Basic Editor docks the current module and the Immediate window in a center window. It’s a nice arrangement that gives just enough real estate to both windows. Recently, I lost that configuration and I couldn’t get it back. I was constantly restoring, resizing, and rearranging the module and the Immediate window. It was terribly annoying.

Access developer Paul Hartland finally came through with the right trick:

  1. Right-click the Immediate window and make sure Dockable is checked.
  2. Double-click the Immediate window’s title bar to maximize it. Doing so will redock the Immediate window to the bottom border.
  3. If the Immediate window is too large, simply reduce it by pulling down the window’s top margin a bit. As you do, the VBE will also enlarge the size of the open module window. If no module is open, the VBE will adjust the next module to fit in the allotted space above the Immediate window.

With the Immediate window redocked, it and the module windows fit nicely together.