your system fails, you can often repair it using the Emergency Recovery Disk
(ERD). The ERD contains information about the system configuration and enables
Setup to restore the system. You should create an up-to-date ERD each time you
make a change to the system, such as adding new software or hardware. You can
use the Windows 2000 Backup program, located in the Accessories | System Tools
menu, to create the ERD, as well as create a backup of the registry.

with the ERD can cause some service pack files to be removed and replaced with
older versions. So, after you repair a system with the ERD, you might need to
reinstall the latest service pack on the system. Whether you need to reapply
the service pack depends on the installation of Windows 2000 and the service

  • If the service pack was
    integrated as part of a distribution share and you installed from that
    share, you don’t need to reapply the service pack.
  • If you installed from the CD,
    you do need to reapply the service pack.
  • If you installed Windows 2000
    from a distribution share that integrated SP1 and later installed SP2, you
    do need to apply SP2.

in doubt, simply reapply the latest service pack.

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