It seems that no matter which version of the Windows operating system is currently being sold by Microsoft, there will be a vocal group of naysayers lambasting the version for being bigger, running slower, and requiring more hardware. On the other side will be a vocal group advocating the latest version as the next best thing in information technology, with the suggestion that we should all blindly upgrade whether we actually need to or not.

All that fighting leaves those of us in the middle scratching our heads and looking for a little perspective. So I thought we might take a minute to look back at history using Greg Shultz’s closet as our guide. Greg found an old box of Windows 95 memoriblia and created a TechRepublic Photo Gallery out of it.

The release of Windows 95 was a big deal, not only for Microsoft but for the information technology industry in general. Microsoft spent a great deal of time and money promoting their new operating system, and Greg, working for the Cobb Group at the time, was blessed with a box of stuff he used to create his Windows 95 Photo Gallery. In the end, Windows 95 turned out to be an adequate operating system, especially after Windows 98.

What do you remember about Windows 95? Where were you? Do you have a box in your closet with old Windows 95 software?