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Even with the best intentions and backup schemes in place, users can still lose data. They might lose messages by exceeding the 2-GB limit for PSTs in Outlook 2002 and earlier, experience a loss of data because of a power outage or hardware glitch, or forget a password for an infrequently used PST.

If you’re looking for solutions to help you recover data in these and other situations, take a look at EasyRecovery EmailRepair from Kroll Ontrack, Inc.

EasyRecovery EmailRepair supports Outlook and Outlook Express. For Outlook users, EasyRecovery EmailRepair can retrieve folders, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, and deleted messages from within Microsoft Outlook files. It can also repair and restore corrupted Microsoft Outlook PST and OST files, including files that exceed the 2-GB limit. Ontrack offers a free trial download from its Web site.

A recovery tool such as EasyRecovery EmailRepair is no substitute for good, recoverable backups. However, recovery utilities such as this are an essential tool to help ensure data recoverability for Outlook users.