Sometimes, what seems to be a difficult problem has an easy built-in solution. I ran into that recently with a Word table that was several pages long. Of course, I wanted to repeat the table’s header row at the top of each page. That way, readers didn’t have to return to the table’s first page to learn what type of data was in a particular column. I had to stop and think for a minute, as I couldn’t remember ever doing this before.

Customized menus make it easy to miss built-in features. If you don’t use the item occasionally, Word doesn’t display the item on the menu! It’s less than intuitive, but I went back to the Table menu and clicked the double arrow to display all the menu items and there it was — Heading Rows Repeat.

To use this feature, simply click inside the header row and choose Heading Rows Repeat from the Table menu. It couldn’t be simpler. Word then displays the heading row at the top of every page as long as the table continues.