Hybrid cloud is, without a doubt, the preferred method of cloud deployment in Europe, according to a new NetApp study released Thursday. The research was built on survey responses from 750 CIOs and IT managers in France, Germany, and the UK; most of whom pointed to security as the main reason they moved to the cloud.

According to a press release announcing the findings, the hybrid cloud model was preferred by 69% of respondents in Germany, 61% in France, and 58% in the UK. Overall, the respondents in all of the countries relied on different partners for implementations, the release stated. Local service providers were preferred by 26%, hyperscalers by 18%, and large providers by 17%. Another interesting point is that 3% of the survey respondents said they weren’t using cloud services, or were just in the planning stages.

The focus on hybrid cloud is mimicked in RightScale’s 2017 State of the Cloud Report, which saw 85% of respondents claiming a “multi-cloud” strategy. However, it is worth noting that RightScale’s report also saw a dip in private cloud adoption, which could affect the popularity of hybrid cloud deployments in the future.

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As it stands now, the points presented by these surveys seem to indicate that the majority of enterprise organizations aren’t fully prepared for the public cloud. Many companies still operate legacy apps that would be too costly to replace or refactor for the cloud, and need the on-premises solutions offered in hybrid infrastructure.

Another statistic among respondents surveyed by NetApp were the top uses cases and reasons for cloud deployments. The top two ways that organizations in Europe were engaging with the cloud were for storage and backup.

When combining respondents from all three countries, 56% noted that the main reason their company moved to the cloud was security. NetApp’s press release said that this response “is evidence that trusting cloud providers with data is not perceived to be a security risk, an indication of further cloud adoption.”

However, the same RightScale survey mentioned earlier actually found that security was the biggest concern for companies looking to adopt the cloud, with 25% of respondents listing it as their top worry. But that number is down from 29% in 2016, signaling increased trust in cloud technologies.

The NetApp research also examined respondents’ understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation, a new regulation intended to improve data security for EU citizens that will go into effect on May 25, 2018. Most users understood the regulation, but some did not know what it was–10% in the UK, 9% in France, and 8% in Germany.

As cloud deployments continue to grow, data security becomes a critical concern for the enterprise. Especially given that some 63% of enterprises are using cloud, big data, IoT, and container environments without properly securing sensitive data, according to a Thales report also released Thursday.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Hybrid cloud is the preferred cloud adoption method in Europe, according to a recent report from NetApp.
  2. NetApp’s report also found that these European companies were primarily using the cloud for storage and backup.
  3. Many respondents moved to the cloud for increased security, NetApp’s report said, which conflicts with a RightScale report listing security as the top concern for businesses interested in the cloud.