OnForce, Inc., formerly ComputerRepair.com, is a community-based marketplace for on-site technology service. According to the site, its clients do everything from software and hardware installations and rollouts to ongoing IT support — PC repair, POS service, printer repair, and VoIP support.

This week, the company released its “State of the Industry Report,” which is based on work orders completed between Jan. 1 and March 31. Here are some of the findings of the report, according to TechTarget:

  • Wyoming, Vermont, and Alaska are the most expensive states for IT services, posting hourly rates nearly two times OnForce’s national average.
  • Georgia, Arizona, and Oklahoma have the lowest hourly rates, at less than 30% the national average.
  • The cities commanding the highest hourly rates are Akron, Ohio; Topeka, Kan.; Irvine, Calif.; and Parsippany, N.J.
  • New York City, Houston, and Chicago top the list as the nation’s busiest IT services cities.
  • Florida, Texas, and Virginia are home to 40% of the 15 top-volume ZIP codes in the United States for IT jobs.

Parsippany, NJ?! No offense to any Parsippians out there, but how did that city manage to be in the top four of highest hourly rates?