Reports of 63,000 Win2K bugs misleading, Redmond says

According to Microsoft, the leaked internal memo listing Win2K bugs was for motivational purposes only and is misleading. This week's Exterminator has the details.

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63,000 bugs in Win2K?
Some media reports late last week pegged the bug count for Windows 2000 at 63,000. Not so, says Microsoft.

Despite the information emanating from a leaked internal company memorandum, Microsoft says the count resulted from an automated scan of the source code using the Prefix utility. The memo was only a motivational tool for the development team, according to Redmond.

Microsoft insists bugs mentioned in the memo resulted from a Prefix analysis listing some code that worked but could be improved, as well as false positives. Keith White, Microsoft’s director of marketing, adds that the analysis included 10 million lines of code that aren’t included in the release.

You can now decide for yourself, as Windows 2000 hit store shelves yesterday.

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-009)
An “Image Source Redirect” vulnerability in Internet Explorer versions 4.0. 4.01, 5.0, and 5.01 has been addressed with the issuance of a patch. Without the patch, the vulnerability could permit a malicious Web site operator to read specific types of files on a visiting user’s PC. Web site operators could not add, change, or delete files.

The FAQ for Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-009) can be found here. You can download the patch closing the security hole from Microsoft.

ManageWise updates
Novell has released virus signature updates for ManageWise versions 2.5 and 2.6. MWINOC1C.EXE and MWINOC2C.EXE, the ManageWise Virus Signature 8.21 Updates, can be downloaded from Novell.

GroupWise download assistant
GW55SP3A.EXE, a GroupWise 5.5 SP3a Download Assistant, has been posted by Novell. The utility is designed to help system administrators determine the correct version of SP3a for their systems.

You can download the utility here.

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