If you’re wondering how you’re going to properly allocate staff time between on-site crisis management, chasing hot leads, and processing the client contracts and necessary paperwork—all while maintaining good customer relationships—a professional services automation (PSA) solution may be your answer.

But if you are planning to hire a PSA vendor, make sure you do your research first. TechRepublic’s Research Index features a full library of white papers, vendor documents, and research analysis on the PSA industry, as well as on such hot industry topics as e-commerce, security, and retention.

We put together the following list of documents that may help in your quest for a PSA vendor. Some of the documents are free; others require membership in the research service or a fee for viewing and printing.

Check out these PSA solution resources

  • Quick Arrow Enterprise Consulting Suite‑A Thin-Client PSA Solution Meets PSOs’ Strategic and Operational Goals—Published by the Aberdeen Group, this free analyst report discusses the merits of integrated business applications. Aberdeen provides a description of QuickArrow’s Enterprise Consulting Suite PSA solution.
  • PlanView‑Increasing Professional Services Utilization by Taking Advantage of a Web-based Solution Architecture—This profile, also from the Aberdeen Group, looks at PlanView, Inc., a company that has been developing and marketing its PSA solution for over a decade. The software uses five core modules—business development, resource management, engagement management, accounting, and practice development—to better leverage professional (human) assets. Aberdeen also analyzes how PlanView positions itself in the rapidly growing PSA solution space. Aberdeen charges $75 to print and view this document.
  • Outsourcing the Infrastructure to the Net—This free white paper, published by Portera, examines the company’s ServicePort software from the total cost ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) perspectives. ServicePort offers an extensive set of services that work in tandem. The company offers its functional automation to high-value services companies, such as IT consulting companies, ad agencies, and Web design and production firms.
  • Integrated Professional Services Automation Solutions—In this free white paper, Aberdeen discusses problems like manual processes and seat-of-the-pants management techniques, which PSA solutions address. The paper describes the core elements of these new applications, and spotlights Changepoint, a company that has emerged as an early leader in the PSA market.
  • Account4: Optimizing business performance through professional services automation—Due to the shortage of qualified IT professionals, managers are turning to PSA solutions to maximize their human resources. PSA promises better allocation of talent, streamlined billing, improved knowledge management, and ultimately, increased profits. This analyst report by the Aberdeen Group outlines the journey of Work Management Solutions, a company who has transformed its experience delivering work-force management solutions into the services of Account4—a new company serving professional services organizations and internal IT departments. There is a $75 fee to read and print this document.

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