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Research Index: Information on call centers

Whether you're managing a call center or opening one in the future, TechRepublic's Research Index will provide valuable resources to make your decisions easier. Check out these recommended reports and articles.

Call centers can be great assets to your customers and give you an edge over your competition. They can also be costly ventures that send your productivity down the drain. Whether you’re thinking of creating a new call center or struggling to drag your existing center into the new millennium, TechRepublic has some help for you.

If you’re looking for general information about call centers, these articles should help. Hector D. Trestini advises you about the increased expectations of the up-to-date call center in “Defining the call center of the future.” His examination of redesigning existing business processes, workflows, and operations; the integration of hardware and software components; and training employees may prove helpful in bringing your call center up-to-date.

If you’re wondering whether to let someone else handle your headaches, Andy Weeks discusses the pros and cons in "Should you outsource your help desk?"

Research Index offers in-depth information
But what systems are available for call management? How can you be sure your call center will enhance the growth of your organization? Will managing your call center employees be a drain on your resources? The TechRepublic Research Index can help you answer these questions. Featuring a full library of white papers, vendor documents, and research analyses, the Research Index contains several articles regarding call center management. Listed below are several selections that may help in your quest for the ultimate call center. This list can be a starting point for your research. Some of these documents are free and some require membership in the research service or a fee for viewing and printing.
TechRepublic’s Research Index is your guide to white papers, case studies, market research, and analyses on pivotal industry topics such as e-commerce, security, and retention. Don’t make a big decision without taking advantage of this wealth of in-depth research and perspective. Search the Research Index.
The Call Center Revolution
How can your call center improve customer intimacy and retention; take advantage of emerging technologies; increase revenue through broader opportunities to sell; and increase employee productivity by streamlining business processes? Find out in this free white paper published by 3Com Corporation.

E-Business Meets the Call Center
This analyst brief, published by the Patricia Seybold Group from The International Conference and Exposition on Call Center Management, shows definitively that e-business includes call centers and call center management. You need to be a member of this group’s Customers.com Strategic Planning Service to access this research document.

IMA: Helping Companies Transform Traditional Call Centers into Dynamic Customer Interaction Centers
Published by the Aberdeen Group , this analyst report discusses senior managers’ traditional view of call centers as an expensive means to appease customers and discusses the evolution of call centers into a valuable resource to edge out the competition. Aberdeen charges $295 to print and view this document.

Web-Enabling the Traditional Call Center
If you’re hoping to improve service and lower costs, check out this analyst brief published by the Patricia Seybold Group . Lucent Technologies' CentreVu Internet Solutions offers some money-saving services like applying consistent routing and management to ordinary phone calls, voice over IP (VoIP), e-mail, and text chat with collaborative Web browsing. This document also requires a membership to be viewed.

The Market for Call Center Agent Training
Based on industry interviews conducted by IDC, this analyst report provides a summary of the demand and necessary skills required for customer service representatives and call center agents. It includes an overview of software vendors, training vendors, and call center outsourcing providers who are addressing the need for training. You can read the abstract of this document for free but must pay $1,750 to read the entire document.
Is this index helpful? What are the other sources you rely on for call center information? Send us your tips!

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