If in Windows XP you typically maximize a too-small Internet Explorer window, every subsequent time you launch Internet Explorer, its windows may remain too small. By default, Internet Explorer is supposed to open at the same size it was at the last time it was closed; however, sometimes the default setting gets out of whack, and you need to manually reset it. Here’s how:

1. Launch Internet Explorer.

2. Click one of the window corners and drag it out to completely fill your screen. Do not use the Maximize button.

3. Press [Alt] to view the menu bar (if you are using Internet Explorer 7).

4. Press and hold down either [Ctrl] or [Shift] while selecting Exit from the File menu. Do not use the Close button.

Now when you launch Internet Explorer, it should open in a full window. If it opens in the same small window, repeat the steps but hold down the opposite key in step 4, that is either [Ctrl] or [Shift].

Note: This tip applies to both Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional. As this is a function of Windows XP, it will work on all versions of IE.

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