Directory uses a multimaster replication model in
which any domain controller can make changes to the database. When you make
changes on one controller, those changes replicate to other controllers. The multimaster model has advantages and disadvantages; a major
disadvantage is that troubleshooting the model can become complicated. There
are several utilities that can help you troubleshoot.

One is the Repadmin command-line utility, which is part of the Support
Tools utilities included with Windows 2000. Repadmin
can provide you with a lot of information about Active Directory replication.
The only requirement is that you know how to interpret the results. Basically,
anyone who is very knowledgeable about Active Directory will find this utility
quite useful. You can use Repadmin to initiate the
replication, display replication vectors, display replicated changes, and more.

useful utility in Support Tools is the Active Directory Replication Monitor
(Replmon.exe). This utility displays the replication topology in a graphical
format. The graphical interface also monitors the status and performance of

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