Resource management software provides data for more efficient buildings

AEG leverages Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure platform for smart building applications such as switching from a basketball court to a hockey ice overnight at the Staples Center.

Resource management software provides data for more efficient buildings

At Schneider Electric's 2018 Innovation Summit North America, John Hoekstra, vice president of sustainability and clean tech services at Schneider Electric, explained to TechRepublic Senior Reporter Teena Maddox how Schneider's EcoStruxure platform gathers data on a company's energy and sustainability footprint. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Enterprise management software as a tool for digital transformation

John Hoekstra: Our enterprise management software called Resource Advisor provides companies with the tools that they need to really accelerate their digital transformation. A lot of it starts with putting together fundamental data on their energy footprint and sustainability footprint so things from energy invoices to cost to consumption all the way into greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste footprint type of information, which is really relevant in today's corporate world.

For example, at our innovation summit AEG shared some stories about their AEG One Earth Program where they leverage Resource Advisor to understand their footprint, of all of all of this information, from which they can baseline their performance. And then monitor their progress towards sustainability targets and goals over time.

The data that folks use in Resource Advisor really ranges from monthly invoice type of information, of bills from utilities all the way to spreadsheets, managed at facilities. Down into performance-level real-time data where you're monitoring up to the second type of energy usage, water usage, and other utilities within facilities.

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How AEG uses Schneider's EcoStruxure platform

John Hoekstra: What this allows decision makers to do, whether at a venue, like with AEG, is to make instantaneous insights and then decisions around how to drive better efficiency for how chillers operate, lighting operates, or what have you, as part of the energy consuming assets within a facility. AEG leverages Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure platform for a variety of different applications. For example, when they switch from a basketball court to hockey ice over night at the Staples Center. The big that they need to do is pull humidity out of the air so there's not condensation on folks when they're watching the hockey game.

They have leveraged new technology that they've implemented to pull that water out of the air. They actually recycle and reuse that for the actually hockey ice itself. With automation and controls as part of the EcoStructure suite and platform, whether that's lighting to HVAC to a variety of different ways to manage real-time energy use, water use, and various information, they are able to optimize the performance of the venue, not only from a financial impact but also from the environment and atmosphere that they create for their guests.

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