In less than a month, the COVID-19 coronavirus has transformed the business world into one scattered to the four winds as offices close and professionals shelter at home to prevent the spread of this deadly new infection.

Remote work is becoming the new normal—at  least for now—and that means meetings are now happening online as opposed to in conference rooms. There’s no shame in being unsure of how to adapt to this new way of doing business, but adaptation isn’t impossible. TechRepublic has prepared free downloadable PDFs tailor-made for professionals who want to quickly get up to speed on virtual meetings and video conferencing. These downloads will familiarize you with some of the most important aspects of top remote collaboration tools, like Slack, and more. 

10 Slack tips: A how-to guide

Slack is one of the most popular remote collaboration tools in the business world, and with good reason. It has myriad customization options and integrations, can be used for team collaboration, document sharing, and individual discussions, and it has voice and video conferencing capabilities. 

All of those features come with an obvious trade-off: It’s a bit complicated. That’s where this guide from TechRepublic comes in. It’s a collection of some of the most essential Slack how-tos, like joining a workspace, editing your user profile, following messages and keywords, sending private messages, and more. If you’re unsure where to begin with Slack, this downloadable PDF will be an invaluable resource. 

More Slack tips: A how-to guide

Slack’s stated goal is to increase productivity by simplifying communication. It wants to replace email, centralize communication, and essentially be a one-stop-shop for remote work. 

If learning the tips in the above linked guide was simple, or contained things you already knew, then think of our More Slack Tips downloadable PDF as the intermediate guide: It’s filled with tips to make your Slack experience even better and give you even more command over your digital collaboration space. In this guide you’ll learn how to use Slack’s slash commands, install Slack bots, add Slack to your Gmail sidebar, install Slack apps, use Slack keyboard shortcuts, and more. Professionals who want to become Slack power users should definitely download this guide and keep it handy.

The tech pro's guide to video conferencing

The past few years have separated businesses into two categories: Those that use AI and business analytics and those that don’t. That may not matter now, and businesses may soon be divided by those that adapted to large-scale remote work and those that fail to do so.

The coming months are going to be all about maintaining productivity in the face of social isolation; the adaptable business in this case will be the one that embraces video conferencing and remote collaboration. Embracing is more than just using, however, and without the proper planning and execution video conferencing can end up doing just as much harm as good.

This downloadable PDF from TechRepublic is designed to help businesses avoid those mistakes. Readers will find tips on how to choose the right video conferencing platform, the advantages of some of the most popular choices, news from Gartner on how and why video conferencing can improve workplaces, and more.