Results of the certification survey

Find out the results of the certification survey. We also pose several questions to the Builder membership. Let us know what you think.

Recently, conducted a member survey pertaining to professional certifications and your perception of their worth. The results of the survey give all members some perspective with regard to career choices and the possibilities of continuing education.

Figure A reveals the details of the survey. Take a few moments to review the questions and the responses and then share your reaction with us in the discussion forum below.
Figure A
Certification survey results

Once you've reviewed the questions and the responses, it's time to get your reactions. We want to know what you think about the results. Did they surprise you? Did they change your thinking when it comes to vendor certification as part of your professional development? Don't leave us wondering, tell us what you think.

Additional Information
Detailed information about Question 8 can be found in Table A. For more information on certification, check out this list of certification related articles from the Builder archives.

Table A
Certification Percentage
SCD Sun ONE Application Server 6.0 0.43
SCEA 0.43
SCP DBA 0.43
zSeries 0.43
OCP - Financial Apps 0.43
SCSA 0.43
SCNA Solaris Operating Environment 0.43
SCSA Solaris Operating Environment 0.87
iSeries 0.87
SCP SQL Anywhere Associate 0.87
RHCX 0.87
OCP - Database 1.3
OCP - JDeveloper 1.3
xSeries 1.3
AIX 1.73
SCJD 1.73
CICS 1.73
OCP - Application 2.16
e-Business SA, SD, ST 2.16
RHCE 2.6
DB2 3.03
SCP SQL Developer 3.46
OCP - DBA 3.46
Websphere 3.9
MCDBA 6.49
SCJP 10.82
MCP+SB 12.55
MCSD 14.72

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