Recently, I served on a team that interviewed several candidates for a management position, and I was able to closely examine numerous resumes. One resume, in particular, caught my attention because it featured a usage I’d never seen before. It illustrates a great way to design a resume that emphasizes your management experience.

Call it “Reporting Structure”
This tip isn’t exactly rocket science, I know, but bear with me. The author of this resume followed the basic resume structure of “Job title, company, date, brief description of duties, and accomplishments packed with power verbs.” But, set apart from the main body of the description of each job was a section called “Reporting Structure.” Here’s how it looked:

Reporting Structure: 10 direct reports, 25 indirect reports; reported to the chief information officer.

Some might argue that you can sum that up best in the job description with something like: “Managed team of…” or “Supervised….” However, breaking out the reporting structure in its own section caught my attention and made me stop and think about all the people the candidate managed.
Some of you may be thinking, “Well Jeff, now that you’ve told everyone about this resume trick, everyone will be using it and it won’t be unique any more!” And some of you may not like this tip at all. Please voice your opinion about this tip, or share your favorite resume tip by posting a comment below or sending us a note.